Crafty Mombie: Pet Bingo

Pet Lotto (Aug2015)


Paige is 2.5yrs and is one busy little monkey these days, and I have been a busy mom-bee.  There are so many great ideas online and I have started following a few great blogs that are mostly written by moms and teachers from around the world.

One of my first DIY activities for Paige was this “Lotto Board”.  I found it on Busy Little Bugs and thought it would be a perfect little activity for Paige.  It took my about 30 minutes to put it together and Paige completed it in about 30 seconds!  She likes to do it over and over again though so it has still been a win.

The free printable is on the Busy Little Bugs blog site if you want to make your own, and all you need is the following:

2 pieces white card stock (and access to a colour printer)
laminating machine (or access to one)

I just printed the 2 pages with the pieces and bingo/lotto board, cut out all of the pieces and then put it all through my laminating machine that my teacher-sister left here when she moved to Sweden.  Then I rounded the corners with my scissors.

Hey presto!